Welcome, bienvenue, добро пожаловать, willkommen, 歡迎, welkom in Barneveld! 

You’re currently staying in Barneveld or planning a trip to our city. On this page you find a small city guide with tips where to stay, what to eat and much more.


From all over the Netherlands people visit Barneveld for a day of shopping. Why? Because we have a lot of local entrepreneurs who sell famous brands, but also a unique collection of less famous designers. All the shops in Barneveld are within walking distance.

Shopping makes tired so a well deserved break is always a great idea. Make a quick stop for coffee with homemade pie, sit down for a long dinner or have a ‘gezellige’ night out at a local bar of café.

Check out this map to see where to eat. Tap to open a bigger version of the map.

What to do

Museum Nairac

Discover the rich history of our city and local hero Jan van Schaffelaar. A knight who jumped from the church to safe his own soldiers. Museum Nairac has several changing expositions a year. With Dutch and worldwide art.

Oude Ambachten & Speelgoed Museum

Take a trip back in time at this museum. To a time without electricity when labour had to be done bij hand. You’ll discover over 160 old craftmanships, small shops and changing expositions. Outside they have machinery which shows how Dutch people used to life on the farms.


Barneveld is known as the city of chicks. We even have our own breed named Barnevelders. At the Pluimveemuseum they teach you all about these animals, the history and much more. They even have a garden full of chickens.

city guide barneveld

Where to sleep

Barneveld doesn’t have a hotel in city centre. Check out B&B Pension Nooitgedacht or Airbnb for a place to stay.

More information?

For most the Dutch English is our second language. So you can always ask something to the friendly citizens of Barneveld. Or send an e-mail to [email protected]. We’re happy to help.

Enjoy your stay in Barneveld!